Our carfeully designed BYOMA exfoliators effectively work to target and balance rough and bumpy skin, without stripping the skin barrier.


  • Smoothing Body Polish

Your routine

  1. Exfoliate: Our range of targeted exfoliators will work to renew and refresh your skin. Massage into skin and use water to emulsify. Rinse thoroughly and follow with your body cleanser of choice.
  2. Cleanse: Using your favourite BYOMA Body cleanser, lather up with water to emulsify, massage into the skin in slow circular motions and rinse as necessary.
  3. Treat: Designed to clarify and treat rough and bumpy skin or restore and nourish dry skin after cleansing. The gently exfoliating serum and body polish work hand in hand to smooth skin and soothes sensitivity whilst deepening dynamic hydration to leave skin calmer and clearer.
  4. Moisturise: Tailored to the needs of your skin, our range of targeted moisturisers will work to deliver long lasting, multi-level hydration. Apply as often as needed to get your best ever skin while boosting your skin barrier.
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  • Nourishing Body Oil

  • Smoothing Body Serum

  • Brightening Body Lotion

  • Sensitive Skin Body Lotion

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