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Moisturizing Gel Cream

Hydrate & Balance


This lightweight, oil-free daily moisturizer delivers effective, targeted hydration to thirsty skin. The unique, gel-cream texture absorbs instantly, softening and hydrating skin with a barrier boosting blend of carefully chosen actives for restoring results. It’s the weightless, cooling texture of a gel with the lasting hydration of a cream.

Blending our unique barrier boosting Tri-Ceramide Complex (ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids) with superstar actives niacinamide and green tea – packed with antioxidants to support skin’s essential barrier function. Designed to draw in and retain moisture so cells function at their best, the moisturizing face lotion works to reduce redness and calm inflammation.

Universally effective for all skin types, both morning and night.

Dermatologist tested and approved, oil-free, non-comedogenic, alcohol and fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty free skincare.


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8 reviews for Moisturizing Gel Cream

  1. Lyndon

    I purchaseD this at target when i saw the new skin care line. The packaging grabbed my attention and the ingredients were even better. It makes my skin Feel great and i havent tried somethinG this good in a while! Looking forward to pUrchasing all of their products.

  2. Bailey

    This moIsturizer is a game chaNger! It is Hard looking for moisturizers On my sensitive skin, aNd I finally found the one.

  3. Gaia

    Whenever I get a pimple, it typically leaves a red mark for months after the pimple is gone. A derm told ME it’s from post inflammatory erythema and I need to strengthen my skin barrier. Then i went to target and Boom! This product says “boosted barrier and better skin” with all the right ingredients I was told to look for. It’s still early on to report results for my red marks but my skin feels so much better and i love how the product absorbs into the SKIN. Im breaking out less too.

  4. Abbey

    I love this! Its so lightweight and doesnt leave a sticky residue on my face! I apply it at night before bed and when i wake up before I do my makeup. I definitely want to try all the other products by Byoma

  5. Jaimee Hall

    The amount of product you get in each bottle is so perfect. Its affordable and doesn’t need to be replaced every 5 seconds. With the addition of the whole line, my skin hasn’t seen a flake in weeks!

  6. alanna

    love this! never get rid of this moisturizer its one of the few that doesnt irritate my skin!

  7. Vincent

    After following all previous steps with BYOMA products, applying this mosturizer seals the deal when it comes to strengthening your skin barrier. at the next day of a complete skin care, your face will look like it hasnt looked in years. Amazing and very beginner friendly products, a no stress skin care routine with ingredients that matter <3

  8. Chrissy

    This MOISTURIZER is amazing! I have combo skin (oily forehead, dry everywhere eLse) and its perfect. My skin feels hydrated and not greasy. Perfect for sPring/summer weather.

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